Rhythm Of Paradise - State Of My Mind [CHIWAX]

Jamie Kenyon / Feb 02, 2017

Pure rave-era throwback feels on CHIWAX no. 26, this time from Italian producer Rhythm Of Paradise who delivers just that with four dreamy cuts.

Despite all tracks having a certain gaiety, the opener Vision is the most laid-back of the lot. Pacific state-esq bird calls, taccy percussion and vintage chimes combining to create an atmosphere of pure nostalgia and ease. The pace is fastened somewhat in the title track with a sturdier bassline and bulky piano keys put to good effect, but impact points remain hidden behind a lofi, retro aesthetic that keeps the track from feeling over-produced.

The dust is swept away in Nu World where the kicks sound heavier and the claps sharper alongside withdrawn chiptune melodies, before we're presented with a more rhytmic, faster Vision in the Garden's Indeep Mix.

Out in March, 12" only.