Lerosa - Subcouture [Idle Hands]

Josh Rawlings / Feb 04, 2017

Bristol-based label Idle Hands has hit the ground running this year with the meticulously crafted and diverse Subcouture EP from Lerosa. Not to be mistaken for the women’s online fashion store, this EP packs a mixture of vibrant synths and punchy basslines and crosses an array of genres, a release which is only fitting to Bristol’s scene.

The EP features four tracks and the first is Maryelan, a fiery electro track which is centered around Leo’s fine drum programming and is ably supported by a craft of tranquil pads. Next up is Line Bass, as he puts it himself a ‘ploddy disco’ track which is reminiscent of early 80’s dub disco.

The start B side kicks off with Scruffy, a well-spirited feature encapsulating an indulging and presiding bassline which is accompanied by an offbeat key and several acidic riffs. On the contrary, Subcouture is a stripped back dub track solely driven by a pounding kick and other well utilised percussion.

Having been drawn to music in his early teens through the means of radio and afternoon clubs in Rome, Lerosa formally known as Leo began his journey into production in the early 2000s. His ethos around the process of production is something we admire; opting to keep his setup simple and cheap and preferring to learn more about the principles and ways to create music rather than buying new pieces of tech. This year Leo is looking to continue with this ethos by improving his use of live percussion and bass playing and possibly even delving into other genres outside of dance music.

This release is loved by us purely because of its simplicity and diversity that makes a useful tool for any style of DJ, it’s one of January’s best records for a reason and is available now.