Legwork - Lord Bath [Footage Series]

Jamie Kenyon / Jan 30, 2017

The Legwork people will launch their new Footage Series offshoot in mid-February with a four-part EP from themselves and Dallas' producer TX Connect. Comprised of an original production, two starkly contrasting remixes of it and a standalone track, the Lord Bath EP navigates through a range of analogue house sounds while maintaining the same tasteful vintage feel throughout.

Crisp hats and claps open proceedings on Lord Bath, before we are introduced to the rickety melody line that defines the EP. A further synth is added to emphatic effect in TX Connect's first remix, later stripped and replaced with a muscular acid line in his Mood Dub. While these two remixes couldn't be much further apart in terms of their overall tone, both have a somwhat sparse, lofty feel to them. The Science is more direct in its approach, 4x4 sequences and consistent stabs once again proving to be the essential ingredients for a straight up roller.